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AIR BODY Styler 

The BodyStyler Air is a lymphatic drainage device that uses smart sensors and 24 individual chambers to precisely deliver adequate pressure to the areas where your body needs it most. This isn't just a compression therapy device, this is the Rolls-Royce of Lymphatic Drainage therapy


Accelerate your metabolism and purge the body of unwanted water retention and toxins through our Body Styler AIR lymphatic drainage treatment. 

Our AIR BodyStyler features perfectly tailored chamber pressure sequences that activate the metabolism through pressure therapy massages. At the same time, a nasal cannula is used to boost the oxygen getting into your body through the air you breathe in. Before you know it, you're all set to burn as much fat as possible.

An active metabolism and plenty of oxygen are needed for fat to be broken down. This enables the body to split up fatty acids which are then expelled through the lungs.

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